Why bother with blogs?

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When you have a question about a topic, what do you do? Back in the day, you would turn to the good ol’ Yellow Pages, look up the details of a relevant professional, give them a call and verbally ask for their advice and recommendations. Nowadays we simply type some key words into Google and are then presented with a whole bunch of articles about our topic of interest. These articles are blogs written by professionals and posted on their business’ website; and in this digital age blogs are people’s go-to source of information.

The benefits of blog writing for your website


Blog writing brings an authoritative voice to your brand. It establishes you as an expert in your field and therefore a valuable source of information that people can trust.


Google’s rules are constantly changing, and in 2023 it is looking for audience-targeted, not traffic-targeted, content. Websites containing high quality, helpful content will rank higher, and blogs are a great way to maintain SEO.


Clear and thoughtful blog writing has the power to elevate your business. It builds audience awareness, creates trust in your brand, and develops your brand’s persona.

Consistent communication with your clients can make a big impact for your brand. However, many business owners have trouble finding the right words (or enough hours in the day!) to do so effectively. Here at Of Note, we have an in-house copywriter who can transform your notes and ideas into well written pieces of content, find tips and topics related to your brand, and compile engaging blogs for your website.

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