Who we are

The Of Note studio is comprised of specialist graphic designers, creatives, planners and organisers who each bring a unique skill set to the table. We are all experts in our fields, are passionate about our craft, and believe that good design has the power to make a significant impact in the world.

We are creative, we are partners, we are purposeful. 

Kirsty Russell

Owner / Creative Director

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Kirsty is the owner and director at Of Note Design, a creative studio born in 2017 from her kitchen table. Today, Kirsty leads a team of passionate designers from Of Notes’s beautiful West Perth studio space, creating brand solutions that are purposeful, uncomplicated and impactful.

Kirsty's attention to detail, ability to see the big picture, and thoughtful approach to design sees clients achieve their goals and realise their vision. She has a genuine desire to learn more and explore multiple avenues to find the best solution for each project. Kirsty believes good design should create meaning. Her vision for the future is to utilise the business to give back to the community and make positive social impact.

When not wearing her Creative Director hat, Kirsty enjoys staking beautiful photography, exploring growers' markets with her daughter, and undertaking home renovation and interior design projects.

Kirsty has completed a Bachelor of Arts-Creative Advertising and Graphic Design at Curtin University with a double major in photography and illustration.

Catherine Melentis

Project Manager

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As Project Manager, Catherine is the first point of contact for our clients and potential clients. Catherine oversees the day-to-day tasks of the creative team and manages each project end-to-end. Her attention to detail and ability to prioritise tasks keeps the Of Note team on track to deliver high-quality designs and content efficiently. 


With a background in fashion design and textiles, Catherine enjoys working in the open and creative environment of our studio. In her downtime, she enjoys delving into literature and exploring all parts of the globe.


Catherine completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Contemporary Fashion & Textiles.

Dalina Dominguez

Account Coordinator

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As Account Coordinator, Dalina plays a pivotal role in bringing our client's needs to life. She ensures communication is seamless throughout the design process and that everything is running smoothly. With a background in Graphic and Industrial Design, Dalina brings valuable insight to our team and is passionate about providing functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solutions.


When she's not weaving her magic in the studio, Dalina enjoys sewing and growing her collection of unfinished craft projects.


Dalina holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from Texas University.

Melissa Waldron

Lead graphic Designer

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Melissa brings creativity and insight to all her design development. Her role involves overseeing the graphics team to ensure designs are of the highest quality and meet client briefs. She loves the collaborative and supportive nature of the Of Note team and finds the variety of day-to-day design work both fulfilling and engaging. Melissa believes good design is when we can solve a client's problem in a visually engaging and unique way.

When not working, Melissa enjoys exploring Perth’s hospitality scene (she’s an avid foodie!), ‘cooing’ over adorable canines, and relaxing at home in her own space.

Melissa completed a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Graphic Design at Curtin University. She interned at not-for-profit Propel Youth Arts WA and worked as a freelance graphic designer before joining Of Note in 2020.

Kathryn Heaney

Graphic Designer

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Kathryn immerses herself in the entire creative process and enjoys seeing where each design journey takes her. She takes time to gain a deep understanding of the key messages our clients wish to communicate before creating designs that are concise, thoughtful, contemporary and reflective of the intended purpose. Kathryn believes that good brand design is visually appealing, effective, and has its own personality and tone.

In her free time, Kathryn enjoys hunting for vintage pieces, renovating her 1890s semi-detached home in Fremantle, and freelancing as a commercial illustrator. She also runs her own business called Prints by Bow where she creates high-end illustrated prints of local landmarks, as well as a range of cards, hand-printed textile products and homewares.

Kathryn completed a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Creative Advertising, Graphic Design, and Photography and Illustration Design. She worked for several agencies and freelanced before joining Of Note in 2021.

Jessica Norman

Graphic + Web Designer

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Jess loves to see the transformation good design can do for a brand. Her role at Of Note involves not only graphic design, but also website design, wireframing in XD, and website building. Jess’ designs are purposeful, visually engaging, communicative and evoke action in the consumer's mind. She enjoys working with a variety of unique clients and diving into different styles of design.

In her free time, Jess likes to spend time with her husband visiting wineries, new cafe spots and exploring the great outdoors by bike riding, swimming and camping.

Jess completed a Diploma of Graphic Design at Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney before entering the design industry in 2016. She worked in several agencies and as an in-house designer before joining OfNote in 2019. Always keen to build on her skill set, she is currently undertaking a website coding course.

Cassandra Hart

Copywriter + Marketing

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Cassie’s role at Of Note involves compiling written content for blogs, websites, EDM’s, annual reports, brochures, social media posts and other advertising materials. She enjoys the diversity of working with different businesses and organisations to help communicate their messages effectively. To her, good writing is insightful, engaging, informative and easy to read. With a background in journalism and script writing, she loves learning about people from different walks of life and sharing their stories with the world.

When not being a wordsmith, Cassie enjoys teaching contemporary dance, pottering around her garden and spending time with family. 

Cassie completed a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Journalism. She has a background in writing for television, digital and print publications

Lauren Brewer

Photographer + Junior Graphic Designer

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Lauren’s role at Of Note involves capturing beautiful images and creating graphics that give our clients the best chance of achieving their goals. She is a firm believer that good design is when a simple and clear concept is executed thoughtfully and aesthetically to evoke feeling. Lauren loves that her role allows her to grow and learn from a talented and supportive group of creatives whilst utilising her skills for good.

Away from her desk, Lauren enjoys playing with her cocker spaniel Deccy, cooking and baking for friends and family, and doing yoga and Pilates.

Lauren completed a Bachelor of Design majoring in Graphic Design and Photography. She spent several years working as a Pastry Chef before joining Of Note in 2022.

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Catherine and the graphic design team were attentive and professional. We have enjoyed working with them to create our brand portfolio. From start to finish, they’ve been super responsive to our queries and needs. After care & service is also always prompt. Of Note Designs have a ‘can do’ attitude and our whole team at Enable Real Estate has been very impressed. Thank you so much!


We are thrilled to share our creative space with local architect & designer SEAU Studio.

Above all, we are purposeful in how we do business. We believe we must be the change we want to see in the world. Of Note welcomes partnerships with not-for-profit organisations, social impact businesses and individuals making a difference in the world.