We redefine what it means to be a creative partner.

  • Brand Identity
    ◦ Strategy
    ◦ Visual Brand Design

    Your brand is more than just a logo. While a logo is just a mark, your brand reflects what your business stands for. It elicits an emotional response and presents your products or services in a way that should entice enquiry and sales. Above all, it serves as your initial introduction to the world—a crucial first impression that needs to resonate.

    A strategy to inform this identity is crucial. A branding blueprint delves into crucial facets: identifying the ideal audience, crafting a distinctive position, refining messaging, and orchestrating a seamless customer experience. A well-crafted brand strategy isn't just a roadmap; it's the secret sauce that sets a company apart from its competitors.
  • Print Design
    ◦ Annual Reports
    ◦ Publications
    ◦ Brochures
    ◦ Flyers
    ◦ Packaging

    We’re experts at crafting compelling narratives across various platforms. From curated annual reports to publications that speak volumes about your journey, we specialise in transforming information into impactful stories. Our wheelhouse extends to brochures, flyers and packaging. We ensure every piece of collateral resonates with clarity, purpose, and an unwavering commitment to your brand identity.
  • Advertising
    ◦ Press Ads
    ◦ Billboards
    ◦ Digital Campaigns & Signage

    Whether it's the traditional press ads and billboards or the dynamic reach of digital campaigns and signage, trust us to amplify your brand's voice with visuals and messaging that reaches your audience and resonates. We craft visual narratives that leave a lasting imprint.
  • Environmental
    ◦ Branded spaces & installations
    ◦ Signage
    ◦ Way-finding

    Transform your physical surroundings into immersive brand experiences with our expertise in crafting branded spaces and installations. From captivating visuals to strategically placed signage, we ensure every element speaks the language of your brand. Whether it's creating an inviting atmosphere through branded spaces, enhancing visibility with impactful signage, or facilitating smooth navigation with effective way-finding, we excel in curating environments that not only reflect your brand identity but also leave a lasting impression on those who engage with it.
  • Web
    ◦ Website Design & Development
    ◦ SEO Set up

    Our designers specialise in WordPress and Squarespace platforms, as well as the SEO optimisation that makes them perform so well. We will custom build you a website that reflects your brand in the best way possible. We take the confusion out of web design, creating you a site that offers a perfect blend of aesthetics, seamless navigation, and user-friendly management – making your online presence both captivating and effortlessly controllable.
  • Content Creation
    ◦ Social Media Strategy & Assets
    ◦ Photography
    ◦ Videography
    ◦ Copywriting

    Thoughtful, brand-specific content creation a huge asset to any business looking to build its presence. Content creation could look like social media strategy and asset creation, photography, videography or copywriting. Clear and thoughtful content has the power to elevate your business. It builds audience awareness and creates trust in your brand. Investing in the power of strategically curated content can elevate your business, creating connection beyond the visuals.
"Having the website done by Of Note was a real pleasure, you all worked really efficiently to act on my requests and comments. We have had comments of how good the website is from clients, so thanks so much, you all did a really great job.
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"Our new site and updated branding, by Of Note Design is a far better representation of where we are as a company, our current focus, identified and diversified target markets and strategic focus for the future.
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