Izakaya Tori

Izakaya Tori is a contemporary Japanese restaurant located in Perth. With a menu focused on fried chicken, ramen and tasty drinks, Izakaya Tori promises a casual dining experience with an energetic, buzzing ambience for good times with close friends.


Izakaya Tori





Website design
Menu Designs

The brief for this branding project was heavily inspired by Japanese street food and traditional Izakayas. The client desired an identity that felt casual, grungy yet playful with elements that pop and draw attention.

Our designers aimed at capturing the essence and aesthetic of the venue through the tone and feel of the branding. The distinct logo mark features a contemporary hand-drawn typeface, whilst the line-work illustrations add a playful tone to the brand. A colour palette that is directly inspired by Japanese restaurants, with moody tones and earthy accents, helps to establish an edgy, modern feel.

Overall, the brand is modern, playful and trendy. The design elements are youthful, appealing to a professional, upmarket crowd. The identity has a bold presence that entices customers in yet stands out against competitors in the area.