From Kitchen Table to Design Studio: The Of Note Story

It feels like only yesterday we had our first ‘official’ day in the Of Note studio. Hard work, blood sweat and tears went into transforming a fairly drab looking office suite (on the most beautiful West Perth street, I might add) into a hub of professionalism that houses the creatives who work there today.

The journey to the business today is one I’m immeasurably proud of, and would love to share with you. 

Picture this: It’s 2013, I’m a recent graduate, brimming with youthful enthusiasm, and ready to conquer the world. Clueless, in the best way possible, I plunged headfirst into the world of entrepreneurship. I loved it, and thanks to referrals and word of mouth my business (or little old me), grew. Before long the kitchen table became a mass of draft documents, sketches, post it notes and it was apparent I needed a more official workplace. 

Cue, The Little Press. Here, surrounded by other wonderful creatives I worked from a coworking desk space. It was the exact space I needed to build my business into two specialisations; Kirsty Russell Photography and Kirsty Russell Design. My weeks were jam-packed, branding, design work and web design by week and wedding & portrait photographer by weekend. 

Things got so busy that I needed an extra pair of hands! So, I hired my first employee, a graphic designer named Clare. Together, we felt unstoppable, breathing life into Kirsty Russell Design in new and exciting ways. It didn’t take long before we outgrew our cozy space, and the hunt for our own creative sanctuary began.

After visiting a countless number of uninspiring offices available for lease, I stumbled across a beautiful little space in West Perth. Ok I lie, it was pretty sterile looking at the time with cream carpet and peachy walls, but I saw its potential. So, I leased the space on Colin Street, West Perth and the renovations began!

The result was the stylish open-plan studio you see today, minus a few less desks and our comfy blue meeting lounge.

The business grew from strength to strength, and so we decided to rebrand. This was such a hard decision to make because I had been operating as Kirsty Russell Design and Kirsty Russell Photography for 4 years. What’s the saying ‘practice what you preach’. Easier said than done. I knew I needed to take the plunge and grow with a name that suited my growing business, but taking the bandaid off and making the change made me nervous. So if you’re reading this and feel like you’re in the same boat – I get it.

We became Of Note – A Design Studio.

Of Note, meaning Someone or something that is of note is important, worth mentioning, or well-known. 

It has been almost 7 years since Of Note was founded and the business has grown organically so much – both in size and in services! We are now an integrated branding, graphic design and creative studio offering services in branding and graphic design (obviously!), photography, illustration, strategy, copywriting and web design. We have a team of extremely talented people who are passionate about good design and building successful brands. We have also had the pleasure of working with some incredibly loyal clients who have been integral to building Of Note.

In the spirit of New Year, 2024 saw us share an updated brand aesthetic that we felt was needed to reflect the team so eagerly working behind the scenes. Businesses grow and evolve requiring an updated image, and ours is no different. 

I’m not usually one to share or self-praise, but this isn’t just about me. It’s about Of Note, the heart and soul of the business: our dedicated team, our cherished clients, and the incredible support from my family.

I look forward to the Of Note journey ahead and seeing where it will take us!

– Kirsty Russell
Of Note Owner & Creative Director