Kin Coffee | Brand Highlight

Some people say that nothing beats a good cup of coffee in the morning. Here at Of Note, we know that there is indeed something better — good coffee with a good brand!

And yes, you can have both! Kin Coffee in Leederville is the perfect example of how delicious coffee and excellent branding can come together to create the ultimate go-to place for the local community.

Kin Coffee owners Chloe & Max have fitted out the interiors with olive green cladding, natural wood tones, and off-white walls to create a light and relaxed neighbourhood vibe. They approached Of Note to create branding to be used in-store, on signage and across all stationery. They were after a look that was soft, approachable and had a subtle reference to Japan.  Specifically, they were wanting to utilise the Gingko leaf as a motif.

Phase one of our design process is to identify our client’s personality, aim, and target market. For Kin Coffee, we decided the brand words ‘modern’, ‘community’, ‘minimal’, ‘relaxing’, ‘trendy’ and ‘neighbourhood’ best represented the business.

Our designers compiled a moodboard for each of our concepts, showing the style and colours we drew inspiration from, and then created several different branding options for the client to consider. 

Our first concept utilised a soft, rounded serif font as the focus of the design, slightly modifying the ‘i’ and ‘f’s for a warm, quirky touch and to make the logo more distinguishable. Our designers illustrated a beautiful line art ginkgo leaf to juxtapose against the bold typography.

Concept two is a more minimal, modern aesthetic with a capitalised sans-serif font in both filled and outlined formats. This version of the ginkgo leaf motif is a solid, shadow-like state integrated into a circular stamp.

We presented Kin with five concepts in total. Max and Chloe decided to go forward with a combination of the above two. Below is the result, and we think the outcome is the perfect brand for Kin Coffee.

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