St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School

St Mary’s provide girls with opportunities to pursue personal and academic excellence in a respectful and supportive environment. With a rich history of over 100 years St Mary’s is renowned for its dedicated staff and supportive learning environment.


St Mary's Anglican Girls' School





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St Mary’s approached Of Note to assist in the modernisation of their brand and the evolution the school had experienced to be the St Mary’s we know today.

Fresh, feminine and simple were key take outs from the brief, with the aim to refresh their brand identity to evolve their branding while creating a cohesive suite moving forward.

Of Note created several options for St Mary’s to review, varying in how evolved the refreshed brand identity became. One included softening the harsher gothic font that had been so distinct to St May’s, while another included a complete typeface update. Ultimately, a new combination was selected by the St Mary’s team while retaining their signature crest. This provided a fresh, uncomplicated, and modern approach to commence the new year.

The new logo is clean and legible, a contemporary update that is also refined and feminine. The identity aligns with a modern yet conservative audience. The colours have been updated to provide more variety, while leading with the iconic St Mary’s maroon red; together reflecting the femininity of St Mary and her students. Curved elements and features to imagery in print have also been introduced. Overall, the decisions made were to minimise clutter, and reflect a feminine, clean, and contemporary aesthetic.