Vans Cafe

Vans café has become somewhat of a Cottesloe institution, growing from a deli 25 years ago into the bustling bistro it is today. Their ever-changing dish repertoire consists of fresh and season local produce and ranges from cakes to monkfish pasta and everything in between.


Vans Cafe





Brand refinement
Website design
Menu designs
Event graphics

Vans first approached Of Note to refresh their website and refine their branding. We kept the Vans brand clean and minimalistic and designed a range of collateral including coffee cups, business cards, event posters and the menu.

In an age of #foodstagram and the rise of the #perthfoodie, Vans understand image is almost as important as cuisine for hospitality venues. Over the years we have photographed Vans’ mouth-watering dishes and refreshing beverages for use on their social media pages. Vans branding is classic and iconic, while saving space for the little details.