Curtin University – Library Decant

Curtin University is one of Australia’s leading tertiary institutions with around 50,000 on-campus students and 3000 staff members.


Curtin University





Large Format Signage
Art Direction

Whilst undertaking renovations to the TL Robertson Library, its contents and services needed to be decanted across three separate buildings, effectively becoming Library 201, Library 103 and Library 418. To uniquely identify each one as a ‘new library’, Curtin University engaged Of Note to develop creative, visual signage solutions that matched the existing brand, ‘Where’s the Library logo’ and colours already established.

We designed large-scale geometric artwork that covers the internal and external walls and windows to bring vibrancy to the buildings. Each building was labelled a specific colour, so our visuals focused on the identifying colour and integrated complementary secondary colours to enable greater scope for creativity. Curtin University was pleased with the outcome; a playful execution that effectively aided and attracted students during the renovation process.