Branding FAQs

Creating or refreshing your brand is a very exciting time and we love seeing the final outcome of each project we work on. Our branding package equips clients with everything they need to successful launch and run their business. We have compiled a list of common questions we get asked from clients regarding our branding offerings.

Your brand is more than just a logo. While a logo is just a mark, your brand reflects what your business stands for. It elicits an emotional response and presents your products or services in a way that should entice enquiry and sales. Most importantly, it is your first impression to the world.


We create a suite of elements to ensure your brand is executed and communicated in a clear and consistent way. Your colours, fonts, graphic elements & overall brand style will help to tell your audience what to expect, experience and remember about your business. 


We believe that a full brand suite is much more valuable a logo by itself and is vital for setting your business up for success! 

You will receive a folder with all of your logo files; within it will be a PRINT folder containing high quality images suitable for documents and signage and a WEB folder with smaller sized files suitable for online use. Each folder will contain your Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Icon, Pattern etc in several file types (e.g. JPG, PDF) Once you have determined whether you application requires a PRINT or a WEB logo, you can then decide which file format would be suitable. 


Here is a rundown on the formats you will receive:


JPG (print & web)

This is the most common image format as it keeps file sizes small. For digital purposes, JPEGS are great as they retain clarity, and the small file size means websites and digital platforms can load quickly. For high quality printing, JPEGs are less preferable because the resolution quality reduces.


EPS (print)

This is the best image format to use if you are printing your logo in high quality as it ensures your logo remains crisp and clear. EPS format is used for large posters, billboards and signage.


PDF (print)

When printing a logo, PDFs are the second best format to use. PDFs are typically used for online documents as they can include buttons, links, forms and can be electronically signed.


PNG (web)

PNG’s are similar to JPEGS however they support images with transparent backgrounds, meaning you can have a logo file with a clear background. This format is great if you want the freedom to have various backgrounds for your logo or are utilising it on platforms such as Canva.


Read our branding and logos blog for more information.

Yes, the final files are all yours! Once we have given the product to you and it is paid in full, you own all the final work.  


Of Note Designs will only have the rights to use your work product for the purpose of showcasing our design work (e.g. in our portfolio). The working files that are part of our design process remain our property unless otherwise formally agreed in writing. 

This is completely up to you. If you wish to protect any features you use that identify your brand, then you should consider registering trademarks. In fact, many businesses register a several trademarks – one to protect their brand name, one to protect their logo and another to protect their tagline.

Following your Style Guide ensures your brand is represented consistently, so that whenever customers experience your brand, they are experiencing the same underlying traits. It’s this consistency across every touch-point that helps build a brand and brand loyalty. Find out more about the importance of brand consistency here.

This depends what package you have purchased and the complexity of your design. 

Generally, you should expect:

  • Classic Brand – 3-4weeks
  • Complete Brand – 4-6 weeks
  • Brand + Strategy – 6-8 weeks


To find out what’s included in each of our packages, please fill out our contact form and we’ll email you our Pricing Details brochure.

Yes, we will supply you with the font files for your brand.


We try to source free-to-use fonts as much as possible. In some cases, we may recommend purchasing a unique brand font. Costs vary from font to font and would be at your expense.  


Whether your font is free or purchased, we will always supply the font file for you to have on your computer to use yourself.

Yes, we can design anything that you want your brand on — from business cards to billboards and everything in between. (Even wax seal stamps!)


We can also design any digital elements you require including web banners, EDMs, social media templates and digital signage.

They guided us through the whole process.

We recently launched our new brand, and cannot be happier with the whole process delivered by Of Note Designs. Their professionalism, curiosity, on going support and process to deliver a project that is line with their clients wishes is exceptional. 

Imogen, Mud Organics

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